Four Point Home Inspection

Some insurance companies may require a Four Point Inspection before they will cover the home. The Four Point Inspection focuses on the four most common elements that are most likely to have worn out over the years and could cause severe damage if they were to fail.

1. Heating & Air Conditioning

The home inspector will look at the size of the air/heating conditioning unit, the date it was installed and check to be sure it is in good working order and is heating and cooling within acceptable parameters.

2. Electrical Wiring & Panels

Home Inspectors will use the National Electrical Code which is a standard often adopted by municipalities and states, and it gets updated every three years to reset minimum electrical standards for both technical improvements and fire safety. A home inspector will check for frayed, loose or exposed wiring, for adequate grounding and to make sure the electrical breakers are the proper size and manufacturer as well as checking outlets to make sure they are functioning properly. Old or exposed wiring and panels may require updating or replacement before insurance can be offered.

3. Plumbing Connections & Fixtures

A plumbing inspection encompasses an assessment of the age and condition of the complete plumbing system. The inspection will start from the hot water heater and will look at all the supply lines as well as the waste lines and the vent stacks. This inspection will look for any cracks or leaks in all piping as well as the actual piping used in the house. All shutoff valves will also be inspected to make sure they are functioning properly.

4. Roof

This portion of the home inspection is very important especially in the coastal area we live in. The roof inspection will look at the age and condition of the roofing, in addition it will examine the geometry of the roof. For instance, insurance companies can charge less to insure a house with a hip roof because it is less vulnerable to high winds in a storm. The type of roofing materials used and there condition will also be noted.
The cost of a Four Point Inspection can depend on the size of the home and where the home is located. If the Four Point Inspection should not take more than an hour to complete and gives the potential home owner piece of mind that they are not buying any unforeseen problems.

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